Cedar Creek is an incorporated village. The original town is located on the south side of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad tracks. In 1969, the entire 5 lake area on the north side of the railroad tracks was incorporated with the original town.

In 1983 the U.S. Census Bureau ranked Cedar Creek as the 3rd richest Nebraska town based on median income figures. In the 2000 census, Cedar Creek was ranked 13th out of 537 Nebraska communities in order of highest income per capita. As of this date, Cedar Creek has the second highest valuation in Cass County at $54,323,267, ( Plattsmouth has the highest valuation) and Cedar Creek has the lowest levy in the county at .1316 with no bonds.

Keno, operated from the Cedar Creek Inn since 2005, has helped pay for several improvements at the 20 acre Village Park and for resurfacing of 9 miles of village streets. In 2009, the village will install a new ‘Welcome to Cedar Creek’ sign. The sign is being purchased with proceeds from the Cedar Creek Cookbook and with Keno funds. The sign, modeled after the Louisville welcome sign, will incorporate into the sign the original school bell, names of the founders, and Cedar Creek Volunteer Fire Department Memorials. 

A few photographs of the ‘old Cedar Creek’ are displayed at the Cedar Creek Village Hall, additional pictures can be viewed at the Cass County Museum in Plattsmouth.