The Cedar Creek Board of Trustees met in special session at 7:00 p.m., on August 6, 2002, at the Village Hall.  All board members were present.  Julie Bear substituted for Village Attorney Bill Reinsch.  Advance notice of the special meeting was given by posting in three public places in the Village, publication in the Plattsmouth Journal, and by newsletter mailed to each Cedar Creek household.  The notice stated the purpose of the special session to be consideration of an exclusive contract for refuse collections with Allied Recycling & Refuse Services of Nebraska City.  The notice also stated no other business, except that of an emergency nature, would be conducted during the special meeting.

Dennis Herkind, site manager for Allied, gave information on the benefits of an exclusive contract:  Weekly trash collection, 90 gallon toter included; Bi-weekly curbside recycling, all recyclable items to go to Allied Recycling Center in Nebraska City;  Annual curbside collection of appliances and bulky items; Cost savings to residents.  Allied is a branch of Waste Connections, the fourth largest hauler in the nation and own two landfills in Nebraska with long term capacity.

Dale Slager of Waste Management was present.  Slager commented he was not aware of the village considering an exclusive contract, but if Cedar Creek should enter into such a contract, a performance bond should be requested to protect village interests.  He also suggested giving trash permits to haulers annually to limit the number of trucks coming into town.

Those in attendance commented on: Why an exclusive contract was needed; Why the board was considering the change from Waste Management;  How can Allied guarantee prices for 10 years;  Should the company file for bankruptcy will the village be left without a hauler;  Short notice of the change;  Lack of information given.

The board addressed all comments and informed the residents the purpose of the Special Meeting was to hear the views of the community before considering a contract and have no intention of forcing an exclusive contract;  Gave the terms of the proposed contract with Allied and proposed costs for services;  Informed both Waste Management and Allied Refuse they could solicit residents for the service, and requested both companies submit a general contract for hauling refuse within the village.

There being no additional business pertaining to the refuse contract, motion by Bode to adjourn special session and enter into regular session.  Second by Stauffer.  All ayes.


Mary C. Terry

Municipal Clerk/Treasurer


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