OCTOBER 7, 2003

The Cedar Creek Board of Trustees met in regular session at 7:00 p.m., on
October 7, 2003, at the Village Hall. All Board members were present. Advance
notice of the meeting was given by publication in the Plattsmouth Journal and
by posting in three public places in the Village.

Clerk noted correction made to the 9-02-03 minutes on page 2, paragraph 6,
change from lot #284 to lot #317. Motion by Muntz, second by Swenson, to
approve the minutes as corrected. All ayes. Motion by Rydl, second by Swenson, to approve the minutes of the 9-15-03 minutes of the Budget Hearing. All ayes.


Account Balances: Checking $21390.92, Money Market 32488.27 
Claims: Rural Water #3..23.50 Plattsmouth Journal..155.94 OPPD building..116.00 OPPD street lights..100.64 OPPD park..10.00 Eagle Services..145.00 Alltel..53.83 Jefferson Pilot..75.85 Ferrellgas..399.79 Ace Hardware..35.54 Earnies..2.98 Reliable Office Supply..103.70 NE Municipal Clerks..10.00 Racom..1149.30 Fire Guard..1125.00 P Koehler..1074.00 LARM..6937.00 Cass County Sheriff..1214.88 B Reinsch..125.00 J Leach..1088.59 S Leach..114.00 L Stauffer..95.00
Motion by Muntz, second by Rydl, to approve the treasurer's report and pay all
claims. All ayes. Treasurer reported to the Board on repairs made to the Village
tractor in the amount of $938.89. Adjustments will be made to the insurance
coverage by deleting one fire truck, no longer owned by the village, and by
lowering the coverage on the old tanker. LB 167 requires the life insurance
coverage for Fire Department members to be raised from $5000 to $10000. The Municipal Code Service will be contacted and requested to provide an ordinance for the change. Motion by Swenson, second by Rydl, to approve a $10,000 transfer from Money Market to Checking. All ayes.


No officer was present. Clerk read the reported calls for service during the month of September: Assist Citizen, Civil Matter, Assist Rescue Unit, 2 Medical 
Emergencies, Disturbance Loud Activity, Alarm/False. 


Notice from the Cass County Department of Roads of the availability of asphalt
at a reduced cost from US Asphalt during the winter months.

DED proposed 2004 Annual Action Plan. Dave Rydl is planning to attend the
conference on 11-04-03.

DEQ notice of funds available to close abandoned wells.

Request from Alltel to bury cable at 1003 Platteview Drive. The request was
permitted on 9-24-03.

A letter of appreciation to Dale Slager, Division Manager of Waste Management, for the donation of two picnic tables for the Village Park.

Second notice to the property owner of lot #317 for dogs running at large. No
further complaints have been received.

Grant application submitted to the Nebraska Recreation and Park Association for possible funding to construct a concrete floor at the Park Pavilion. Also,
request for funding assistance to further develop the Village Park to be submitted to various foundations.


The Cass County Department of Roads was contacted by D. Rydl and requested additional information on the possibility of a County/Cedar Creek Agreement for Street Superintendent. Table until information is received.

B. Reinsch informed the board, the Metzger vs Village case is scheduled to be
heard in County District Court in November.

Village Attorney B. Reinsch notified Cable Direct of the unpaid franchise fee.
No reply has been received from Cable Direct.

The Rescue Agreement between Louisville and Cedar Creek was approved by the
Louisville Council at a cost of $2000 for the upcoming year. The agreement will
be reviewed and renegotiated in July of 2004.

The requested information on Pine Wilt was not received. Item tabled.


Motion by Rydl, second by Muntz, to retain Home State Bank, Louisville, as the
Village Depository for fiscal year 2003-2004. All ayes.

The Village Maintenance position six month probation period has expired. At the
decision of the Board, the maintenance position will not be filled at this time.
Motion by Muntz, second by Rydl, to approve the Snow Removal Agreement with Randy Moses as presented. All ayes. The price of the contract increased to
$300 from $250 for each snow event. Term of contract is one year.

Jeff Leach informed the board, patching will be completed this month and has
requested rock for the alleys. Two loads of rock will be purchased.

In accordance with the terms of the Garden Maintenance Agreements , the agreements expired on October 7, 2003. Agreements will be renegotiated in the spring of 2004 if needed. Chair Bode stated, Liz Stauffer will assist with
one mowing job during the month of October .


Dave Rydl will inspect the Playground Equipment before the November meeting.

Motion by Swenson, second by Muntz, to approve the proposed amendments to the agreement for the formation of the League Association of Risk Management. All ayes. Motion by Swenson, second by Stauffer, to authorize signature of said resolution by Gwen Bode. All ayes.

Motion by Stauffer, second by Swenson, to select option from the League Association of Risk Management, to provide written notice of termination at least 180 days prior to the desired termination date, which date shall be no sooner than September 30, 2006, or 180 days notice and 3 year commitment. All ayes.


Lot #318 Storage Shed. Approved by the Planning Commission and by the
Floodplain Manager. Motion by Muntz, second by Stauffer, to approve the
permit. All ayes.

Lot #51 Fuxa Addition Dwelling. Approved by the Planning Commission and by
the Floodplain Manager. Motion by Muntz, second by Swenson, to approve the
permit. All ayes.

Lot #22 Fuxa Addition Dwelling. Approved by the Planning Commission and by the Floodplain Manager. Motion by Muntz, second by Swenson, to approve the permit. All ayes.

In other business, information was received on an upcoming Municipal Streets Workshop;  Received copy of the October Newsletter from Cass County zoning; Prices will be requested for replacement garland and lights for the Village Christmas Decorations. The Board was informed, a Halloween Party is being planned for October 24th, to be held at the Village Park. Liability issues
were discussed. LARM will be contacted in regard to the event.

There being no further business to come before the board, motion to adjourn
was made by Muntz. Second by Stauffer. All ayes.

Mary c. Terry~
Municipal Clerk/Treasurer