The Cedar Creek Board of Trustees met at 7:00 p.m., on April 24, 2003, at the Village Hall for a Public Hearing to hear evidence for and/or against issuance of a Class C Liquor License to Michelle Morar dbaa Earnies.  At 7:00 p.m., roll call: Bode present, Stauffer present.  No quorum.  Absent board members: Dave Rydl-illness, Bill Swenson-at work, Dan Muntz-leaving work.  Public Hearing delayed until Muntz arrival.  Public Hearing called to order at 7:35 p.m.  Roll call: present Bode, Stauffer, Muntz.  Absent : Rydl, Swenson.  Chairperson Bode opened the floor to comments from the public:

M. Morar, applicant, stated the proposed use of the building was a convenience store, with groceries, gas, videos, on/off sale liquor license, and a sandwich shop.  On premise drinking would be limited to beer in the outside fenced eating area to allow customers to have a beer with their food.  The original application was for a Class M License, she was informed by the Liquor Commission a Class M would not be allowed in Cedar Creek.  The Commission changed the application to a Class C at the request of M. Morar.  John Earnest, a resident of Cedar Creek, spoke in favor of the License.

D. Giles, owner of Cedar Creek Inn, spoke in opposition of the License, stating Cedar Creek is not big enough to have three on/off sale bar/eating establishments.  She would be in favor of an off sale license only.  D. Giles also questioned the legality of the publication of a Class M License and the change to a Class C License.  Clerk replied, the Commission was contacted on 4-21-03 and no change of publication was required because there was no change of the date or time.

Board Discussion:  The Village wants and needs a convenience store and gas station.  A Class D License would be no problem but have concerns of issuing a Class C License because of some, not all, local businesses not wanting the competition and concern of combining a convenience store with on sale liquor.  Applicant repeated, any drinking on the premises would be beer at the outdoor fenced location, there would be no drinking allowed  inside the building and she has no intention of opening a bar.

Motion by Stauffer to close the Public Hearing.  Second by Muntz.  All ayes.

Motion by Muntz, to not make a recommendation of approval or denial to the Commission.  Second by Stauffer.  Vote:  Bode-yes, Muntz-yes, Stauffer-yes, Rydl-absent, Swenson-absent.  Motion passed.

Motion by Stauffer, second by Muntz, to adjourn.  All ayes.  Time 7:55 p.m.



Mary C. Terry

Municipal Clerk/Treasurer


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