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The Ordinances of Cedar Creek will be enforced by Village Officials and by the Cass County Sheriff's Department.  The following regulations are those which are most often violated.

Firearms. At no time may a firearm be shot within the Village limits, except as by an on duty enforcement officer. Firearms include pellet guns, air guns, paint guns, and sling shots.

ATV's & Golf Carts. ATV's & Golf Carts can be driven on Cedar Creek streets if a permit is obtained through the Village Office. Applicants must be 18 years or older and an owner of property in Cedar Creek or one (1) mile jurisdiction. Proof of insurance and drivers license must be shown at the time of applying. Drivers are to be 16 years or older with a valid drivers license. Contact the Village Office at 234-7856 if you have any questions.

Building Permits. Before and construction, please call the Village Office to see if a permit is required.

DOGS, RUNNING AT LARGE.  It is unlawful for the owner of any dog to allow the dog to be off the premise of the owner unless such dog is securely leashed and the leash is held continuously by a responsible person capable of controlling such dog.

Municipal Speed Limit. The maximum speed on all streets in Cedar Creek, north and south of the railroad tracks, is 25 mph. This is enforced by the Cass County Sheriff's Department.

Open Burning. All bonfires, rubbish fires, and fires for the purpose of clearing land are banned unless a permit is issued by the Cedar Creek Fire Department and signed by a Fire Department Representative.

Village Park. The park is to be used and enjoyed by the public, however, any person who intentionally damages or destroys any part of the park, will be fined, prosecuted, and will reimburse the Village for the cost of repairs and/or replacements. Driving of any motorized vehicle is not allowed in the Park, including ATV's and Golf Carts.

WEEDS OR UNCUT GRASSES.  The owner or occupant of any piece of ground within the Municipality shall keep the piece of ground and the adjoining street and alleys free of any growth of twelve inches (12") or more in height of weeds, grasses, or worthless vegetation.


OFFICE (402) 234-7856